Praising Performance to Build Confidence, Productivity, and Morale

How We Lead

Business People Talking On Business MeetingI ask people all the time, “How many of you are sick and tired of all the praisings you get at work?” I always get the same response—laughter. It’s sad how many managers spend their time pointing out things that are wrong with performance instead of catching people doing things right. That’s why Spencer Johnson and I encourage you to focus on the Second Secret of The New One Minute Manager®, One Minute Praisings.

After you have set clear goals with someone, it’s important to spend a good amount of time with that person to make sure they are set up for success. In fact, let people know you’re going to give them lots of feedback on their performance because you believe in their talent and you want them to be high performers. If they aren’t used to receiving much feedback it might seem confusing, but soon they’ll…

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From theory Y to theory X

I have recently completed my three years as a supervisor of a sales team. Since i was a fan of  Douglas McGregor‘s Theory Y of management. I assumed that my team was motivated, ambitious and can exercise self control. I provided the best possible working conditions and believed that team will accept the responsibility, will exercise self control and self discipline to achieve agreed upon objectives. But the team consistently fell little short of their objectives despite there was no shortage of talent or skills. This got me to think where i was going wrong.

After month of the deep thinking, observing people who are successful sales supervisors, i had to change my assumption. Now i assume that employees are inherently lazy, and will avoid work if they can. Employees should be closely supervised and a comprehensive set of controlling should be implemented.

Yes! i am now a Theory X fan.